Before your trip and your arrival

Before your trip and your arrival

Before your trip

Colombia is a country that is becoming more and more attractive for tourists because of its beautiful landscapes, contrast and warmness of its people. And more recently, it has become one of the most important destinations in South America for procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, among others

Bogotá (the capital of this beautiful country), is among the main cities, with approximately 8.000.000 inhabitants, a big city with different tourist sights, for every preference, from Monserrate or La Calera to have a wonderful view of the city, to neighborhoods with history and colonial influence, a variety of museums, theaters and restaurant and entertaining areas which are very welcoming for your visit.

Spanish is spoken in Colombia but we have bilingual (Spanish/English) people in our team who may solve your concerns. Currency is Colombian peso, but you will find different places to change your currency to Colombian pesos./p>

How do we welcome you upon your arrival to the city?

We recommend that you notify us in advance on your arrival dates to Bogota. If you have requested that a person from our team pick you up at the airport, they will be gladly waiting for you there, they will let you know that they are waiting for you and they will take you to our accommodation place or the one that you have previously chosen.  

There will always be a member of our team willing to coordinate everything related to your accommodation, transport and procedure. After your arrival, you will have an appointment with Dr. Minyor Avellaneda and the anesthesiologist, for valuation prior to the day of your surgery to finalize details and solve concerns before the procedure.

You may ask us about tourist sights, that your escort may visit.