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Neck liposuction



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Neck liposuction

Plastic jowl surgery or neck liposuction is the surgical procedure aimed at eliminating fat under the chin. This increase of fat, enlarges and widens face aside from damaging the natural angle of the neck. In cases in which only excess of fat is causing this problem, minimal incisions are made, one on the chin and one behind each ear to perform jowl liposuction removing all fat from the affected area.

The amount that is lipo-suctioned depends on each patient, but the idea in all cases is to try to flatten jowl the most. In some cases, the cause of “jowl” is not excess off at but also because the muscles of the neck are weakened and form a “hammock” exacerbating the problem even more, in this case Cervicoplasty enhances results of liposuction even more.

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    Dr. Minyor Avellaneda

    Academic Training
    • Member of the Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.
    • Associated member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
    • Volunteer at Fundación Operación Sonrisa Colombia (Operation Smile Internacional).
    • University of Birmingham, Alabama (United States), Observership.
    • Maxillofacial and pediatric surgery atChildren's Hospital Alabama (United States)
    • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Universidad El Bosque.
    • Physician - Surgeon Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.


    To Our Office
    1How long does plastic jowl surgery take?
    This procedure takes about an hour.
    2How long is the recovery?
    Patient may return to working activities from the third day if you do not mind using a chinstrap.
    3What post-surgery precautions must I have?
    Basically, to follow recommendations and take medication. Physical activities such as sports may be practiced again as for the fifteenth day from surgery and may gradually increase intensity.
    4If I am a foreign patient, how long do I have to stay in Colombia?
    It is advisable that you stay in Colombia for at least seven days after the procedure, for better post-surgical control.
    5Who is an ideal prospect for jowl liposuction?
    You are a prospect if you have fat cumulated on jowl, that makes fact look bigger or round.
    6With what other names is this procedure known as?
    Jowl liposuction, jowl reduction, plastic jowl surgery.
    7Am I going to have anti-aesthetic scars after surgery?
    A scar is left behind each ear, which are not easily seen. Additionally, there is a small scar beneath the chin.
    8Can this surgery be combined?
    In most cases, jowl liposuction is combined with procedures such as rhinoplasty, bichectomy and other body procedures.
    9Does it hurt much?
    It is slightly painful.