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Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical procedure that aims at improving aesthetic appearance of the nose. Surgery helps correct defects such as: crooked or twisted nose, excess of nasal dorsum (too long), wide nose and fallen nasal tip. Additionally, improving nasal ways is a benefit of a nose job, allowing the patient to breathe better (in cases in which it is necessary).

It is a procedure that lasts between 2 and 3 hours approximately, nevertheless, there are more complex cases that require more time for surgery. Approximately seven days after, daily activities may be started again, nevertheless, each case is different and it shall depend on its evolution. Currently existing surgical techniques for nose job are: open and closed rhinoplasty.



  • “Closed technique” requires incisions that are made inside the nostrils so that they are totally invisible.



  • “Open technique” requires a small incision in the columella (column that separates nostrils underneath). Open technique leaves an invisible scar in the columella that, the patient may see if they look with a mirror from below but others will not notice.

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    Dr. Minyor Avellaneda

    Academic Training
    • Member of the Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.
    • Associated member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
    • Volunteer at Fundación Operación Sonrisa Colombia (Operation Smile Internacional).
    • University of Birmingham, Alabama (United States), Observership.
    • Maxillofacial and pediatric surgery atChildren's Hospital Alabama (United States)
    • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Universidad El Bosque.
    • Physician - Surgeon Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá..


    To Our Office
    1How long does this procedure take?
    Nose Jobs take about 2 and 3 hours. There are more complex cases that need more surgery time.
    2Which is the most appropriate technique for me?
    Choosing the technique will depend on the problem that is to be solved, for example, to thin the tip, open technique is the best. The final decision of the technique is made by the surgeon.
    3How much time do I need to return to daily activities?
    At approximately one week one may return to daily activities, considering that there is a lesser risk of swelling and bruises that are controlled with medication. Also, minimal care must be taken, such as: no exercise or high impact sports, etc. Nevertheless, each case is different and it will depend on its evolution.
    4When do I get to see the results of surgery?
    Changes made may be observed when the bandages are removed. Keep in mind that the nose is swollen at the beginning and it distorts the result. After three months following the surgery, the results may be seen. It is considered that the nose continues to reduce swelling for one year after surgery, so minimal changes shall continue to be seen.
    5Breathing problems are solved after this surgery?
    Yes, in all cases, regardless of aesthetics, the functional aspect is looked into and it is corrected if necessary.
    6What kind of anesthesia is used?
    Because it is an outpatient intervention, general anesthesia is used. A couple of hours after surgery, patients may go home.
    7Nose plugs must be used?
    Not usually. Anyway, in some cases in which functional problems are corrected, we use plugs that are easy to remove.
    8How long after surgery am I allowed to get sun?
    It is advisable to get direct sun at least two months after. The use of sunscreen, hat or cap is indispensable, days following surgery and avoiding direct sun contact, since this may affect scaring
    9If I am a foreign person or from another city, how long must I remain in Colombia?
    After surgery, at least 7 days for control with the surgeon, further you may go back to your city of origin, and with training that is provided in post-surgery, change bandages by yourself.
    10How long do bandages last?
    They are removed at least after two weeks and they are changed every week.
    11What is the minimum age for rhinoplasty?
    It is considered that if it is for functional reasons, this procedure may be done from the age of 16.
    12Since when can I use glasses?
    Glasses may be used (sunglasses or Reading glasses) during the first 1’ days after surgery since they will be supported on the ferule. It is recommended not to user glasses for about a month after removal of ferule. If the use of glasses is necessary, if they are light they may be supported on a special tape that is placed after removing the ferule. Contact lenses may be used.